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Photography has been my passion ever since I was a student. I remember dreaming of getting a Camera from my parents. Finally, I got my first very own Point and shoot Yashica camera with my precious pocket money. I started greeting people with my own greeting cards from the pictures that I captured from nature and lo what satisfaction and pride I derived out of it?

Not for fame or name but to tame my photographic mind, I started taking pictures of my friends and family for 21 years. I passionately had the feel to capture almost every happy moment in and around Bentonville, Arkansas be it a child’s Birthday celebration, watching true pride in the parents’ eyes; marriage occasion with 2 souls walking on the same path called ‘Love’; House warming celebration with festoons and prayers surrounding the home; Baby shower ceremony where in, the waiting has been seen in a mom’s eyes.

Since then I have come a long way stepping one step at a time. My passion has become stronger ever since people started appreciating my efforts which stood as memories in their hearts forever-an effort to create a Future in their Present and in turn take pride in their Past.

With the mentorship from a legendary racing photographer, I humbly take pride to see myself slowly ascend the World of Photography with a sweeping breeze of Passion. Don’t you deserve a fulfilling promise from me to deliver your beautiful natural image ready to create a standing memory in the minds of the viewers? I live my promise truly to fulfill yours..

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.


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